Ljutic Trap Shotguns

Since their inception some 50 years ago Ljutic shotguns have been renowned for shootability.  Al Lutic's Mono gun design remains one of the most recognized and most durable designs of a single barrel trap gun.  Crafted entirely in Yakima WA, the simplicity and few moving parts make truly designed to last a lifetime.

Current New Models

One-Touch Adjustable Rib Mono
60/40 to 100% Point of Impact, 34" fixed choke or choke tubed.
Fixed Rib Mono gun
Available in Standard, Mid or Olympic rib heights.  35", 34" or 32" fixed choke or choke tubed barrels.
Pro 3
A lighter weight version of the Mono gun.  Fixed .700 rib or One-Touch.  Replaces the LTX.

Image Stock # Model Description Price Condition

  Dyna Bi-Gun Combo  Rare. 32" CT O/U with Ljutic made Unsingle.  Outstanding burl walnut stock by Docweiller.  Very rare piece. $14,200 Consigned
New Item
  T/C Bi-Gun  32" O/U LM/IM, adjustable comb.  Two Double release triggers.  Recently gone thru by Jimmy Ljutic. $7,200 Consigned
New Item and Very Rare

  Bi-Matic Very rare Ljutic Bi-Matic autoloading shotgun.  30" barrel .738 bore choked 0.028.  Engraved and Gold inlays.  Release trigger.  Excellent condition. $2995 Consigned 
New Item
   Ljutic Mid-Rib 34" F, 80/20 POI.  Right hand Wenig "Harlan Campbell" wood.  Clean late model gun. $3,495
New Item
  Ljutic Mid-Rib 34" F, 70/30 POI,  adjustable comb. Pending Used
New Item
  Ljutic LTX 33" F. 80/20, light contour barrel, light weight receiver, adjustable comb, Cased  $3,495
New Item
  Ljutic Dyno-Kick  33" 70/30 POI, recent re-blue $1,695 Consigned
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