Used Perazzi Trap Shotguns

We are a Factory Authorized Perazzi shotgun dealer.

Perazzi Trap shotguns have been the standard of excellence in both American and Bunker trap for over 40 years. The Perazzi legacy began with the TM and MX 8 models and continues today on the same basic frame. New improved methods of manufacturing have been introduced but the final details of hand-finishing result in what many believe is the finest competition shotgun ever made.

From the tried and true MX 8 to the newer MX 2005 and TM 9 and TM 9X models, Perazzi shotguns continue to offer the competitive trap shooter the features they demand in a solid, reliable package.

Adjustable Point of Impact (POI) models:
Combos: MX 10, MX 10RS, MX 2000/10, MX 2000 RS, MX 2005
Single barrels: TM 9X, MX 10, MX 10RS, MX 15, MX 2000 (various), MX 2005
Over/Unders: MX 10, MX 10RS, MX 2000/10 and RS, MX 2000/3, MX 2005, MX 2008

Fixed rib models:
TM 9, MX 8, MX 2000/8, MX 14, MX 14L

For a full description of each model click here.  Call for best pricing on all new Perazzi shotguns!

Image Stock# Model Description Price Condition
MX 14 "Combo"  29-1/2" MX 14 O/U with MX 15 single (6 notch) available and fitted.  Factory adj. stock.  Cased  $5,795 O/U
$7,295 combo

 Mirage 31-1/2" MX 10 barrels fitted to Mirage receiver. .740 bores w/Briley choke tubes.  P 4 trigger.  Cased SOLD  Used 
     MX 15 Receiver Receiver with fore end iron.  Complete $2,100 Used 
    MX 15  34" Factory Choke tubed, factory wood.  Mismatched SN barrel, 6 notch adjustable rib $4,795  Used
  New Listing
34" F, 18.7 bore, Right hand SC 2 wood,  cased.
  New Listing
TM 9X  34" F, 18.7 bore, 4 notch adjustable rib, Right hand SC 2 wood,  cased. $7,195  Consigned 
  New Listing
 MX 10 O/U 31-1/2" O/U, Wilkinson Choked .018/.028, 4 notch adjustable rib, nickel receiver, right hand offset (6,6,12) wood, pad adjuster, cased with accessories.  Gun is "As New" SOLD  Used
  New Listing
MX 2000/8  32" Clearview choke tubed barrel, 6mm ramp rib, right hand offset wood with aftermarket adjustable comb.  Blue receiver, cased w/accessories. Pending Consigned
  New Listing
TM 9  34" F, 18.7mm bore, fixed rib.  Right hand SC 2 wood with adjustable comb, cased. $5,995 Consigned 
  New Listing
MX 10 O/U barrel  31-1/2" M/F, 18.7 bore, 4 notch adjustable rib.  Test fired  $4,500 As New 
  New Listing
MX 10 O/U barrel
31-1/2" Wilknison choke tubed, 5 notch rib - one added to shoot very high. $3,795  Used 
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